Top-down and bottom-up mechanisms

What are the top-down and bottom-up mechanisms?

Why do we study the top-down and bottom-up mechanisms? Studying how the oculomotor system influences visual search and how attention modulates oculomotor system is a major goal of EvaLab-EyeTech. In a typical high cognitively task we are studying how top-down and bottom-up approach interfere in order to plan next exploration. In this respect, the comprehension of  visual exploration  strategies, particular in cerebellar patients, is of main interest in investigating the pivotal role of cerebellum in orienting or shifting gaze.

Our tasks



What can we do with these types of assessment? This type of assessment elucidates how the cerebellum modulates the planning and associative activity, the attentive shift and the organization of the explorative paths and of logic sequences. Thanks to this kind of assessment on specific populations, we can model the cerebellum system functioning.