Change detection: working memory testing

In EvaLab-EyeTech we developed a software to assess and to train the working-memory in an easy, repeatable and non-intrusive way.


Pupil dynamics analysis

The lighting signal influences many biological, hormonal behavioral functions. The way in which the pupil reacts to the light and to the endogenous stimuli gives us information about the lighting signal processing and on the vigilance end sleepiness state of people.  Understanding how the pupil size changes together with the motion of the eyes gives us the means to understand how the brain adapts and interacts with the environment.  The study of the pupillary dynamics alterations and of the eye movements could be of importance in diagnosing ocular and neurological diseases, helping in the early diagnosis of vigilance and cognitive abilities alterations (for instance in dementia).  Within the activities of EvaLab-EyeTech we characterize the pupil dynamics both with no lighting stimulation (dark) and with sequence of lights in the red and blue spectrum.

Stimolazione con luce rossa – studio della dinamica pupillare
Stimolazione con luce verde – studio della dinamica pupillare